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Environmental Asset Management

Akshara Tek conducts EIA studies for Industries and Infrastructure Projects for getting Environmental Clearance from Regulatory Authorities. We have well qualified experts to conduct EIA Studies which includes – Screening and other things.

Environmental Management Plan

We provide various management options to prevent long term environmental degradation like Rain water Harvesting, Green Belt development, Solid Waste Management, Sewage Treatment Plant, Reuse of Treated Waste Water. We also help managing activities during construction phase and appropriate restoration of areas affected by construction.

Sewage Treatment Plant

We offer Turnkey Sewage Treatment Plants which include Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Treatment. We provide cost effective Treatment Technology , Reuse of Treated Sewage & Effective Sludge Handling Systems.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Our expertise in the treatment process consist of: Neutralization of acidic wastes, Separation of grease, fats and suspended matter by appropriate technology, Operation & maintenance of Treatment Plants, Biodegradation of High strength Organic wastes.

Biomedical Waste Management Services

We possess required expertise in providing the management options for biomedical wastes.

Desalination Plants Based On Reverse Osmosis

We offer total Turnkey solution on desalination plants. Our team offers the Design, Manufacture, Erection, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of R/O plants.

Solid Waste Management Services

We have well qualified experts for Waste Management System. Our experts characterize the Solid Wastes based on the nature, design suitable system for collection, storage, treatment & disposal of them. We also design the Secured Landfill.

Risk Assessment Services

We help with identification of risks involved in the manufacturing process and suggesting safety and mitigation measures accordingly, preparation of on-site and off-site emergency, preparedness plan to minimize or avoid risk or danger to property and human life.

Environmental Audit

This involves in quantifying environmental performance and environmental position of an industry which aims in sustainable development. This involves three audits namely. Liability audit – compliance of legal obligations, Management audit- this ensures whether environmental management strategy meets the objectives and Activity audit – specific to an area such as water use, energy et.

Hazardous Waste Management Services

Hazardous waste generated from industries would be analyzed for its toxic characteristics and design of suitable disposable systems like engineering landfill, incineration etc., is carried out.

Bio Gas

Akshara offers biogas plants with maximum flexibility where expansions or changes can be made easily and cost-effectively at any time. We propose a product range that includes farm-scale biogas plants for agricultural residues as well as “Waste to Energy” projects for industrial waste. We offer biogas solutions for:

  • Farms
  • Industrial waste
  • Waste water treatment plant
  • and Landfill

  • Akshara provides customers technical and biological advice and solutions to optimise the plant performance and to increase reliability and efficiency. It includes: Site visit to the plant, site conditions evaluation, and recommendation of technical and biological solutions.