Akshara Tek - Leading provider of Fire and Security.

Akshara Tek is a very familiar name in the field of Fire and Security, Access Control, Solar Systems and Environmental Solutions. Akshara Tek is a well known marketing agency for reputed Fire & Safety and CCTV products. Akshara Tek is a well experienced contractor/system integrator in the field of Solar Systems and Environmental Solutions. Operating across the globe and is regarded a force to reckon with among the reputed manfacturers, exporters, traders, importers and suppliers within two years of its associations in 2014.

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We are also offering Installation and Maintenance Services.

Products and Services

Fire detection & Protection

Fire & Security

Our Fire Detection and Protection product inventory compries of Linear Heat Sensing Cable System, Deluge Vale, Aerosol Fire extinguisher...

Solar systems

Solar Systems

Our product range includes Solar cells, Invertors, Street light System and Water heating systems in Renewable energy area.

Environmental Solutions

We conduct EIA studies for Industries and Infrastructure Projects for getting Environmental Clearance from Regulatory Authorities.